Peer to peer communication and chain-choice requires “node individual wisdom”

This is reflecting TAU dev latest understanding as how to establish chain sync communication and choose right chain. In a permission-less blockchain, each address is free to provide information to network peers for marketing its view of many things like new blocks, longest chain and requesting block content.

The cost for such freedom is significant, since the address space is literally unlimited. A limited blockchain computing power could be easily swamped or confused by this unlimited source. Bitcoin uses proof of work to limit this freedom. However, the family of on-chain consensus, POT or POS, will suffer from endless potential longest chain marketting and information request. It happens on IPFS system in its pub-sub and DHT content routing system as well.

TAU elects to use “strong individual wisdom” as the base for doing many stuff. How each node looks at the world state will direct the explaination of the information received. It is personal through constant learning from the history.

For example, when a node try to find the right chain for mining. The prior art node can start gossiping around to collect information and hope to reach a conclusion. It is vulnerable that the environment of the node is controlled or flooded by DOS vectors. TAU choose to let nodes decide what peers to contact for and what level of confidence on the information received. Therefore the history understanding of blockchain on each node become its experiences or wisdom to move forward. If a new born node with zero knowledge, it is better to trust software provider bootstrap content than wild network environment. All one new node has is the software anyway. Again, it is like trust yourself or your master until mature.

This subtle confidence change will bring many benefits for nodes.

  1. Peer to peer communication: each nodes will reach out to seek creditable peers, rather than waiting for random messages. The part of the blockchain info each nodes has locally is the base of wisdom. There is incentive for each node to gain more history to become smarter.

Therefore in blockchain world view, it is a permission-less network, while for individual nodes, it is a total dictatorship of that I talk to peers I like. Hope this individual level wisdom and self-consiousness collectively will beat spammers and evil players.



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