My crypto investment value

This is my own notes to invest into crypto. Crypto might be the largest investment opportunity in the new century. How to form a concept to invest rather than randomly pick coins. — Disclosure, I own lots of bitcoin and TAU.

Investment guru Warren advises us: investment into the good company, do not look at market trends. My understanding of “company” is technology, product and service, of course it is all from the people behind.

The number one consumer feature of crypto is “decentralization”. You can own and pay coins solely with your device without connecting to any centralized facility. You own coin and mine coin permissionlessly. Without this feature, it is fiat that fits better in Oracle database.

The second is the security. To achieve high security, you are going to be “trustless” on any third parties, instead you only trust maths. If numbers prove a transaction, you will trust it, not any entitlement from the third party. Once you trust 3rd parties, it is not secure, such as trust “President of United States”.

“Trustless and permissionless” are the top features for good crypto. Trustless means “trust in maths”; and “permissionless” means “rely on yourself”. Just like Mac Donalds burgers feature in delicious and easy consumption. In this value system, I would say bitcoin is so far the most valuable, although with the defect that the multiple utilities on the block reward and transaction fee are causing volatility. Bitcoin is staying firm on the trustless and permissionless, while many other coins try to trade off those for speed, smart contract or IOT. Those trade-off will find hard to justify the loss of foundation value.

Now I am trying to add the third one without trade off the two. That is mobile mining, also server-less. If mining facility is still stationary, it is not entirely permission-less. Governments and cloud services can shutdown your servers. With server-less mobile mining, consumers are truly own entire crypto ecosystem on their own digital organ, which is smart phones.

This is the reason, I heavily invest into TAU, a “trustless, permissionless and serverless” mobile mining coin.

However, for now, when my friends ask me investment to crypto since they know I own lots of bitcoin, I will only say bitcoin because of that TAU technology is still in development. But thanks to god, bitcoin is there and providing us a great tool for increasing our wealth as long as you have apitite for volatitilty.

Therefore, my investment strategy is very simple: invest, hold and use bitcoin to build TAUcoin.

Founder of Tau — Server-less and unblock-able messenger with high-scaling blockchain economy.

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