Incentive for phones to provide data in TAU network

Our dear community leader Muxa asks: what if massive numbers of nodes getting online, will TAU DHT support this demand?

This is a key question that most of blockchain communication system not solving including ethereum. What is the incentive for miners to provide data to other miners. The logic should be miners are selfish so that unwilling to provide data other than own transactions and blocks.

TAU takes this incentive project in key principle. The design of TAU nodes communication has a critical data structure called “rounting table”. When a node, say A, provide quality data to you, you will store A into your routing table. So when other nodes asking for information on A, you will be able respond with A’s information such as IP address and meta data. This will make A to have faster networking ability to get and send data.

Simpily speaking, in TAU network, the more data your phone servers, the high other nodes routing table will record you and, as a result, the faster your communication speed will be. This will help your secure more blocks and transactions, as well as sending messages quickly. Your effective bandwidth of data is the result of how much data you servers in the swarm.

I think this is a key technical features of TAU.



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