200,000 TAU bounty and leadership empowerment

We have several bounties with payment 200,000 to help you contribute and make success in TAU. With this funding and TAU foundation heavy investment into core technology such as IPFS, sharding and mobile mining, you will build a great career along with all leaders.

  1. Weekly debate: 200K TAU. You debate here and are voted to win the reward weekly. Top 3 shares the weekly bounty.
  2. Regional telegram operation: 200k Monthly. If you operate a TAU telegram regional group, as leader, you are qualified for 200K monthly. Yourself can enjoy up to 30% of the bounty, the remaining shall be used to promote and for your members. Claim telegram contact: @itszi
  3. P2P telegram operation: 200K Monthly. If you operate P2P trade telegram group, as leader, you are potentially qualify. Claim telegram contact: @itszi

If you are winning above bounty, you are TAU International Leader. We want to make you success by leveraging TAU foundation information material, R&D and funding for your group growth include publication, video and forum. Please join International Leader group.

Founder of Tau — Server-less and unblock-able messenger with high-scaling blockchain economy.

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