Incentive for phones to provide data in TAU network

Our dear community leader Muxa asks: what if massive numbers of nodes getting online, will TAU DHT support this demand?

This is a key question that most of blockchain communication system not solving including ethereum. What is the incentive for miners to provide data to other miners. The logic should be miners are selfish so that unwilling to provide data other than own transactions and blocks.

TAU takes this incentive project in key principle. The design of TAU nodes communication has a critical data structure called “rounting table”. When a node…

Problem with content addressing and its immutability

Since IPFS, using the hash value of a content as the immutable address for decentral location becomes popular. In our development, we realize that once the content is generated with its immutable hash, then who is going to serve it with some level of quality of service. Consumers hope some nodes will keep these immutable data for the community, but hosting data online with immutability for free is kind of imaginary. The best you get for free is someone host immutable content for a while. …

Torrent community is different from torrent sites. for example, a thailand community will have special interests on culture related shows or comedy. it is hard to build such site just for each community.

The big O question for computer programming is how efficient a computing device can be in solving a problem, which could be seeking some answer or storing an item.

The state-of-art algorithm is really at O(logN) level. No algorithm is able to achieve efficient level better than O(logN), such as O(constant) or O(1/N). N is the representation of the information space or time.

However, if we look at brain, it is in fact running in the range of O(constant) to O(1/N). It takes human limited time to find a solution in driving a car, packaging a bag or falling into…

New view on blockchain programming from nutshell

Starting with the idea of “sync”, blockchain needs to be copied among nodes to ensure mining; therefore “sync” is essential, even when there are 10 millions blocks to download in near future.

It is hardly for me to believe the massive download will be sustainable when more history data accumulated. The potential and only way different from “sync” is to use “state” as base for mining or verify transactions.

From “state” view, nodes communicate to each other by requesting state than “sync”. …

Peer to peer communication and chain-choice requires “node individual wisdom”

This is reflecting TAU dev latest understanding as how to establish chain sync communication and choose right chain. In a permission-less blockchain, each address is free to provide information to network peers for marketing its view of many things like new blocks, longest chain and requesting block content.

The cost for such freedom is significant, since the address space is literally unlimited. A limited blockchain computing power could be easily swamped or confused by this unlimited source. Bitcoin uses proof of work to limit this freedom. However, the family of…

Get your TAU coins from TAUT holdings

If you have TAUT, the tau test net coins, in the web wallet, you can receive TAU coins at ratio 1 to 1. It will not affact your TAUT holdings, and you only get more TAU coins. Please use your email to login.

TAU coin is the only pure mobile mining coins using many advanced technologies such as proof of transactions, ipfs and android platform.

TAUT will be implemented as branch chain in TAU dForum block tree network. Please hold on your private keys.

Enjoy the crypto technology and financial ride with TAU community.

Stablecoin is a type of crypto currency either on ERC20 like USDT or on own mainnet such as Libra. Since we already have fiat currency like USD and EUR, why need stable coin to make mapping to them.

My view is “Stable coin serves as oracle machine for fiat into blockchain world”. Oracle machine is an idea in smart contract that it brings real world information into blockchain consensus world. …

This is my own notes to invest into crypto. Crypto might be the largest investment opportunity in the new century. How to form a concept to invest rather than randomly pick coins. — Disclosure, I own lots of bitcoin and TAU.

Investment guru Warren advises us: investment into the good company, do not look at market trends. My understanding of “company” is technology, product and service, of course it is all from the people behind.

The number one consumer feature of crypto is “decentralization”. You can own and pay coins solely with your device without connecting to any centralized facility…

While blockchain project grows, resources will be in scarcity: network, memory, storage and CPU. Sharding is a vision proposed by many projects to solve scaling issues by splitting jobs to different nodes. It is commonly used in database technology that you organize many machines to store big data by split data to different layers.

Recently Litecoin founder Charlie tweeted: by definition, a decentralized cryptocurrency must be susceptible to 51% attacks whether by hashrate, stake, and/or other permissionlessly-acquirable resources. If a crypto can’t be 51% attacked, it is permissioned and centralized.

In this spirit, I believe that sharding falls into “trust…


Founder of Tau — Server-less and unblock-able messenger with high-scaling blockchain economy.

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